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The Importance of an Entrepreneur

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

When you hear the word “entrepreneur”, what comes to mind? Perhaps you think of your boss or someone who is extremely wealthy. Or maybe you think of companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Facebook.

Entrepreneurs create products and services that make our lives better. but besides producing a product or service, entrepreneurs add value to their communities in 3 main ways that may not be recognized at first. Let’s take a look at Tesla.

Tesla began as a group of entrepreneurial engineers who wanted to create a fully electric car. After some work, their idea became a reality. Tesla was not only able to create a better electric car, but it was able to do it in style. Tesla certainly has made a great profit on their product, but how else do they help their community?


Popularity began to grow as more Teslas took to the road. To keep up with all the demand for Teslas, the team of engineers needed some help to supply the world with their cars. So far, they have hired 46,000 people to help them build their business. What started out as a dream in the minds of a few people became valuable work and livelihoods for 46,000 people!


Since Tesla’s founding, they have dominated the electric car market. This is actually a really good thing for consumers, because as a result, other car manufacturing companies are required to respond. Companies such as audi, chevy, and others began to develop or improve their own electric cars to compete with Tesla. This encourages the best and brightest minds to build better, faster, and cheaper electric cars for us!

Solves Problems:

Tesla’s cars, don't release harmful greenhouse gases compared to their gas powered counterparts. Tesla focuses on producing renewable and sustainable energy, which is helpful and beneficial to local environments. With the creation of Tesla, other innovative and helpful technologies have been discovered and have been used to help further utilize recyclable energy!

More Than A Product

When you take a step back, it's incredible to see the benefits that have come as a result of the idea to develop a fully electric car. This is just one example of the important contributions that are made by entrepreneurs.

As you are coming up with ideas for products and services, keep your why in mind and consider how you’d like to impact your community through your business.

What new creative ideas and changes will you bring to strengthen your local economy?


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