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Your children are capable of creating change in their own lives and in their communities. The Startup Academy Home School Program is designed to help your young entrepreneurs increase their confidence and creativity while they engage in entrepreneurial experiences.

The experience is ongoing. Walk young entrepreneurs through a 1 month program, 6 month program, or a full year. 

Special deals are available for Co-Op groups. 



Join the group that is dedicated to inspiring young entrepreneurs.

1. Co-Op Group Leaders purchase the curriculum. This paves the way for weekly meetup material including:​

  • Socratic Discussions

  • Coaching Pieces

  • Practice Activities

2. Co-Op leaders join the Facebook group where additional materials and support are provided.

3. To provide for an unforgettable culture and experience, Co-Op leaders should purchase a reward pack for each young entrepreneur that will be participating.

4. We recommend holding meetups weekly with a typical agenda including:

  • Accountability Reports

  • Creativity Activities

  • Socratic Discussions

  • Entrepreneurial lessons/Coaching Pieces

  • Practice Activities

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Debriefs

5. Young entrepreneurs engage in hands-on challenges and competitions provided from the facebook group.

6. Young Entrepreneurs prepare to compete in one of The Startup Academy's Shark Tank Events.


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The Startup Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are eligible for tax deduction. 

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