February 24 - May 18 2020.
Every Monday from 4:00-6:00 
Select sessions will be recorded and available to members for viewing

The Startup Academy, in partnership with the Children's Entrepreneurship market, is excited to announce that they are launching a new after school entrepreneurial experience for teens (12-17) in Utah Valley!

The Startup Academy believes that every child, teenager, and adult has the innate capacity to create value and impact the world. The after school experience will prepare teens to launch & operate their own businesses before summer.

As part of the experience, teens will:

  • Complete challenges and activities to develop an entrepreneurial mindset

  • Learn to perform market research

  • Learn ideation tactics

  • Build business models & cost structures

  • Learn from local entrepreneurs

  • Receive 1 on 1 coaching

  • Network with like minded teens

  • Preparation for the Children's Entrepreneur Market

  • Compete in a Shark Tank Style Competition

  • Access to 1 month of FREE Provo farmers market booth space

  • And More!


Price: $300

Refer a Friend Discount – Both individuals receive $50.

  • Scholarships are available upon request. If you are in need of a scholarship, please email



Bring your ideas to life.


Bringing Teens & Successful Entrepreneurs Together

The Startup Academy creates in-person experiences throughout the year to give teens life-changing experiences. 

Teens participating in these events/courses will gain the following:

  • Network with like minded teens

  • Meet local entrepreneurs

  • Receive 1 on 1 business coaching

  • Be eligible to apply for a micro-loan

Our next in-person experience is featured above. If you have any questions about our upcoming in-person program please reach out using the link below:


Self-Directed Entrepreneurship Experience

Teens are creative, innovative, and energetic. With some guidance and the necessary resources, teens are capable of building products and services that benefit the world around them. 

The online experience offers several different options to accompany students in their startup journey. These resources have been designed to help teens develop an entrepreneurial mindset, come up with an idea, and to launch their own business.

Check out our free resources to get started!


The Startup Academy is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are eligible for tax deduction. 

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